Best Easter Egg Hunts

I love Easter Egg Hunts.  Actually, I love creating them.  I love the giggles, smiles, and puzzled looks on my kids’ faces when they are pursuing the trail of clues and treats that the Easter Bunny has left for them.  I love that our focus is on something fun and challenging and inclusive of the whole family – a rare time when one or more of us aren’t plugged into some electronic device.  I love Easter Egg Hunts.

The best hunt, in my children’s opinions, are the ones that take them from place to place, with all different kinds of clues, and offer surprises they haven’t seen in previous years.  When they are little, they want the hunts to go on for hours, but as they get older, they love the variety and challenge, without it being overly long.  We have friends who copy some of these ideas, and found a different mix is magical for their kids.  Your mileage may vary…

Beware your success!  I can tell you that every past successful and fun Easter Egg Hunt will grow in your child or toddler’s memory as the best thing ever – and each subsequent year and hunt will be judged against the past mythical heights that the remembered past has reached.  In other words, no good deed goes unpunished.  Never fear – I’ve had years when I was working my tail off, or too sick to think, in the week preceding Easter, and pulled off a mediocre at best hunt – the kids still loved it, and I retained the title of Mr. Bunny.